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Maybe (another) new Antitheft Product .........

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I have had an idea mulling around in my sad and warped little mind for a while now....no...its legal :P

I am thinking of a new antitheft product, I have various versions but now having sorted the current project out (Gas ram bonnet opers for 90s )

need to see if this can be made bought at a keen price and to be of value.

Spare wheel anti theft unit. I have been mulling this for sometime, today I had a friend Marc advise me he has known of 5 wheel nicked

in the last week off Defenders / 90s ...and to extractus digitas lol

So, please can anyone who has a rear tailgate / door mounted spare wheel send me pics please, I am trying to make one that will fit everything from say a Matec to a LR Genuine.

This thread will be a moving thread as I look at options, but the finer details should there be a tea leaf reading won't help them understand the anti breakin items built into it ..

So, pics please

Please when you post up advise of

Wheel rim type

Tyre size

Carrier type

If I need more info then again for security I'll PM those concerned, but feel free to add ideas etc.

As with all my products the idea is to make something BETTER than the average to good DIYer could make, and at a price that generates

"Well I COULD make that but to be honest not bothering as cheap price and better than I can do" sort of thing :rofl:

Post up ideas trhoughts etc ! and pics !

Oh and I'll need a name, must be Xcess - 'Something' !....

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The problem is you will find it very hard to stop a thief who is determined, and if you make it as close to thief proof as possible, it is a real ball-ache, to lock it up and open-up again. I think most of us have to take some comfort in simply deterring the opportunist.

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