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TD5 Disco transferbox (with difflock) into 2006 TD5 Defender.

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So, as many a person has done, wanting to reduce motorway engine speeds, I have purchased a Disco TD5 transferbox (that has centre difflock facility) to fit into my 2006 Defender TD5.

I'm just having a look under the vehicle before starting the job in the next few days, I notice the Defender box has a transducer connection behind the handbrake backplate, which I take as the speedo. The Disco box I have has only a rough cast pilot hole, no machined hole into the internal drive gears at all.

What are my options please?

I am guessing remove the rear output drive housing of the Disco unit and swap this with my original Defender housing?

This will be mixing up parts of the two centre diffs, no issues there I hope?

Any info or tips will be gratefully received....



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