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rear bearing/Stub axle help

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Originally a 1990 Td it has been fitted with 300tdi engine and R380 box. I say this as maybe the axle has been changed, although it still has 10 inch drum brakes.

Anyway, the problem is:

Severe clunking at rear, I could rock the wheels and hear it even with wheel on ground.

So I buy new bearings, strip down putting all parts in an icecream container so nothing is lost, re-assemble to the stage of putting on the bearing nut, and notice that there is a section of unthreaded stub axle sticking out. I mean about 5mm or thereabouts. So the bearings are not going to be tight. ever.

So the question is, should there be a spacer there? (I believe not) Have I got the wrong stub axles fitted? Or the wrong hub?

And finally....why me???

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90 or 110?

If I remember correctly my 90's old drum-braked rear axle had a spacer that sat between the nut and outer bearing. It was about 10-12mm thick and had a rubber strip around the middle. As well as spacing the nut out it also provided a seal land for a second outer hub seal to run on.

On the newer disc-braked axle this was done away with and the spacer was replaced with a thinner (~4mm) thrust washer with no outer oil seal fitted.

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