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300 tdi starting issues


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Evening all

I left my disco for about two months, came back to it today and the battery was flat. I'm not surprised, because it was a bit slow to turn over and the back was indeterminately old anyway, so I changed it.

Now it won't start, the imobiliser is active and it won't decativate with the key fob.

Does this mean the spider issue has crept up on me? I don't think its the key fob, because it locks and unlocks the car. Or have I done something wrong?



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The anti-theft device is separate from the Spider, the former is under the glove-box (passenger side) the spider is below the radio. So you will be able to open and close doors etc providing the anti-theft is working. The spider can be by-passed but to do this you have to remove the centre console and radio to access it.

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Right, because I like to see closure on posts.

It seems the car battery was flat, changed that like I said earlier. However, it also seems that the keyfob battery was dying too, I've changed that too. So it was working intermittently, which caused some confusion.

Seems to be ok. One more question, should I lock the car with the key does that activate the immobiliser too? I didn't see the red led on the dash flash, so I assume not.

Thanks in advance.

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Depends if you have a two button fob, if so the system is 'passive' therefore alarm/immobilising is automatic, with a single button 'manual' system the key in the lock sets the alarm/immobiliser via a micro switch at the rear of the lock.

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