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Getting insurance to take a Defender for an MoT

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Has there been any changes to the rules on insurance, or have I just been unlucky and spoken to muppets at the insurance companies I've approached?

Why I hear you ask! Well this actually concerns a Renault Kangoo, but the issue is directly transferable to a Defender 90 in a lock up for the lat 2 years.

The car has been off the road 2 years, has no MoT and thus no tax. I am getting it ready for an MoT, so I want to insure it to drive it to the test station. Herein lies the problem! Chaucer will not insure it without an MoT. They might insure it if we had a satisfactory engineers report. So I assume we have to trailer it to the engineer's garage first!

NFU (who have always been so good!) suggested (bless them) that it would be easier if we got it taxed first. We then had to point out that to get it taxed we needed it MoT'd and insured! How old are the staff they employ now?

So, is there a new clamp down that prevents cars that are NOT MoT'd not being insured? If so, I'll have to trailer the Defender for it's MoT as well (can't tow it as it's not roadworthy....) This could be a major pain for a lot of us in the future.....


Frustrated of Trowbridge

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Insurance has nothing to do with mot/road tax. I've just insured my new project with nfu said truck is off the road , and no problem. Sounds to me like they've gotten some wires crossed somewhere... All they usually want to know is the reg and vehicle details, irrespective of whether its on the road or not.


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Chauscer are talking out of their backside!! The order is Insurance, MoT, tax. You can't do it in any other way! You've got to have insurance to take it on the road to take it to the MoT.....you've got to have MoT and insurance in place to get tax!

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It is legal to drive with no valid MoT to a test appointment as long as the insurance policy is valid. So, as the others said, just get the policy without telling them about the MoT - you'll have that soon enough anyway. Insurance is always valid for third party damage, which is why they pay out for third party damage or injury even when the driver is unlicenced or DUI. The worst that can happen is that they play up on the comprehensive element if you have a knock on the way to the test.

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Confirming Snagger above. You can drive to the MoT centre for your appointment and also to a "place of repair" (which can be your home) if - let's hope not - the vehicle fails.

Personally, I gave up on Call Centre insurance companies years ago - their staff tend to have very limited knowledge. I use Peter S Taylor in Hove. They specialise in older and classic cars and bikes, but get excellent prices on all our vehicles.

They're also excellent when you need to claim and take all the "music on hold" out of the way!

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