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Discovery 2, TD5, Power Steering Failure


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My power steering has failed and I have lost all the fluid from the reservoir.

I can see no evidence of any leaks from the steering box or the pump.

However, one of the rubber pipes under the reservoir would appear to have moved along the plastic tube exiting the base of the reservoir, it is a loose fit and a 'claw' on the plastic reservoir tube is now showing.

The fluid loss would appear to be from this region, ie judging by the fluid under the reservoir.

Is this a known failure area, please?

If so, what is likely to have caused the pipe to shift?

Is a pressure build-up in the pipe possible?

If I were to push the pipe back on over the 'claw' and secure with another jubilee clip and fill up the reservoir with fluid does the system need bleeding, please?

Finally, is there anything special about the fluid or will any good make of fluid suffice?

So many questions, very many apologies but thank you in anticipation of your help.

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