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defender a frame bar

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Hi i purchased a a frame for the bumper bar but for the life of i cannot figure out what these do or go, any ideas?

Sorry trouble loading the photographs hopefully here they are, the knurled bar and the bent bracket, the picture shows where it goes but for the life of I cannot figure it out


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I'm no expert here but my guesses are.....

Bent brackets should bolt into the bottom of each side of the Frame... These look like they will be the anchor point to match up to the brackets you are attatching to the bumper bolts & chassis.

And as you will be extending the gap between front of car and the jacking holes in the end of the chassis legs, I assume that the knurled bar is to extend the reach of the jack....

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brackets might go inside the bumper, hence not matching to compensate for the thickness of the bumper steel between.

if you just bolt it thru the bumper the thin bumper steel will deform as soon as load is put on it (some clever attaches a tow strap to the top of your A-frame coz then he doesn't have to bend down..... don't laugh... have seen it done and then wonder "why it broke")

so anything that works on your bumper will always need some sort of load spreader on the bolts.

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