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BorgWarner to LT230. Three questions.


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Hi all,

A friend has upgraded the rear axle of his 3.5 V8 injected Rangie to a Disco 300Tdi rear axle.

Next upgrade is going to be a Defender 1.41 LT230 to replace the BW.

Whe know that the front propshaft will need shortening, but we have three other questions.

-Will the speedo cable fit the LT?

-Do we need the gearbox crossmember from the donnor Defender or will the Rangie one be OK?

-Disco lever linkage is needed or is there a way of adapting the Defender linkage to RR lever layout?


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Speedo will be OK, you may want the gear from the BW box, test speedo accuracy and determine once up and running.

Gearbox crossmember should be OK

Go with the Disco (or Rangie) linkage, much simpler.

Why is it an upgrade? Ratio change or for more reliability? Cos the BW boxes are very strong if in good nick...

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Someone I know just destroyed their BW transfer box and has gone over to LT230. He's had a few issue's with speedo cables but he's replaced them with new now and the problem seems to have gone away - indicating that it was wear rather than mismatched parts. That was a 3.5 classic, engine died and replacement is a 3.9

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Ah you are right, think the RRC has a different shaped end to the cable, oval IIRC and the Defender has a square drive, I had to use the RRC one, but it popped straight in :)

Previously the cable span in the gear :)

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