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Is double fuel tanks in the 1988 Defender 2 door truck standard issue

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I am looking at buying a 1988 Defender truck and want to import to US . Does anybody know if double fuel tanks in the truck is standard or if this was added after market There is a tank under passenger seat that's not hooked up and a new one that was installed in the rear They both have fill caps on passenger side of bed one in back and on near cab . Owner does not if its standard . Does any one know if this is level to import to US or is this a Safety Violation ? Thank you.

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That set up was on an 87 110 I had mine was done by special vehicles it had the standard rear filler plus a series filler just behind the door. So yes it is possible it came from the factory but it could also be retro fitted easily and I suspect US import may not like it unless you can prove it was special vehicles given how strict they've got lately.


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Are we talking Ninety or One Ten?

Rear tanks on 90's are late models only, NAS and TD5 spec chassis.

BTW - there is no such thing as a 1988 Defender. The Defender model didn't come out until the 200Tdi and disc rear axle was launched (1990-91 irrc). I know it's a trend to call all Ninety's and One Tens "Defenders", but it's wrong. The change that happened with the 200Tdi introduction was as fundamental as going from Series 2 to 2A or to Series 3.

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