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Challenger alloy wheels , pukka or pants ?


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Evening folks :)

Has anybody got any experience of these wheels ? http://tyresdirectuk.co.uk/shop/product-info.php?prodname=16x7-Gun-Metal-Alloy-Challenger-(Land-Rover)&id=32427

Obviously they're a mach 5 copy , has anybody seen them or got a set ?

I've heard that the steel version aren't very good quality ???

And last but not least if the offset is 10 and a boost alloy is 33 , am I correct in the thinking that the 10 offset wheel will be 23mm further out than the boost ?

Thanks in advance


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I had a set of the Steel ones and I couldn't say anything about the quality. They're powder coated, not painted, so there was some peeling around where the studs nipped, but apart from that they were great.

The only reason I changed them was because of the offset, I would say that your estimate is correct. They are definitely further out than standard steel wheels or boost alloys. I changed them as I was toning down the overall look of the 110, but I'd have no problem putting them back on.

Hope that helps


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No... I can testify they are indeed tubular all round... and I'm no welding expert but there was no pitting, spitting or cracks in the welds.

One caveat, on paper the offset doesn't seem like much, but its quiet aggressive, and does leave the wheels a nice bit outside the standard arches.

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Yes. In Bidford on Avon. I can't in all honesty say anything wrong about them or the wheels, apart from the offset wasn't, it turned out, to my liking.

Thats just my opinion though, I'm sure there may have been other cases, but I have seen an increasing number of them on the road, so they can't all be bad.

Why are you considering changing?

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Got insa turbo's on modulars which came on the 110 , the modulars are pretty scabby and have always liked the look of the mach 5 .

I've just looked and the steel ones are cheaper than the alloys , so might give the steel ones a whirl

Also with the steel ones I can use my existing nuts :)

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