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LT95 strengthening the weak points??


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Hi everyone

I know some may just say go auto or fit an r380 etc but although It may seem a bit odd but i actually realy like the LT95 gearbox, apart from that reason its strong as an ox going forward however it seems to have a couple of weak points + one of them being high loads in reverse

1. centre diff in general

2. reverse gear idler

Firstly are there any other real weak points that cause issues?

I know some of the bearing are bronze but im not looking at them points as weak points at the moment

Secondly, does anybody know of ways to strengthen the above issues?

Many thanks


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The early shock-reduction diff was probably better if it didn't bust the Belleville washers.

reverse idler probably just needs attacking with an ally welder.

I went to the hp22 and have been well pleased with it. The 95 was needing too much money in parts. And it wouldn't change gear 'quickly'.

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Transfer box gear bearings, they have a plastic cage for the rollers that can get hot (over tightening the diff preload will do it, ask me how I know?) and melt, this writes off the gearbox as the gears welds themselves to the gear shaft which spins the shaft which then destroys the transfer box case.

Even if it does not destroy the casing you cant remove the shaft to repair it!


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Team Idris - Do you know what the actual problem is with reverse idler failure?

Nige - already got a lever for difflock, plunger system is awful, I had been told about the cross shaft but plenty of searching reveals nothing, any info on this or other points on the box?

Marc - Yes i had read about that, seems a daft idea to make the cage out of plastic

I have been offered a very well priced LT77 from a v8 disco, i know its short stick but thats fine + i know the 77 isnt as robust as the 95 the one thing thats pulling me towards it is the fact that there are plenty more around, cheap + i can rebuilt it for a pretty decent price compared to the ridiculous priced parts of the 95

Id rather the 95 as have also been offered an apparently 'good' one but only if i can sort the weak issues for a sensible price

Bit on info here on how mine went, Has been very sweet box with nothing to suggest any issues, oil levels were good as checked them saturday before off road day sunday

Was fine all day, i went up a climb which drops down straight over the top into ruts + my front wheels got caught on the rut edge + turned right but the ruts go down the hill left, only way to correct was to reverse back up the hill a tad to take the pressure off the allow me to steer, the hill was probably 50 degrees or so

Started to reverse + it went, sounded like diff ring + pinion failure, i managed to get help + back on flat ground, tried to pull it out of difflock but was solid, eventually got it out + couldnt drive just loads of gear grinding from the box, struggled to re-egage difflock to allow me to drive again

With no diff lock i can move if extremely gentle so theres my problem

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