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non runner td4 auto


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The misses td4 auto decided to lose power and then cut out...had diagnostics on it and came up with camshaft sensor...replaced this earlier today and still not starting...any ideas as am useless when comes to car engines...mobile mechanic removed camshaft sensor and wired it directly no faults reported on diagnostics...replaced sensor and still no faults found on new one

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The Cam sensor is only used when starting and wouldn't cause power loss, but would cause it not to start. They're only used to tell the ECU when the no1 cylinder is on compression stroke at start up and ignored after that. The crankshaft sensor tells the ECU when to fire the injectors and is used all the time. They tend to fail and the car won't start only when it's warm and start fine when they're cold. Using a freeze spray on the cam sensor can be a temporary fix til it's replaced.

I would be concerned that a mobile mechanic has messed with the wiring???? I would put the wiring back to standard and start to fault find from there.

Is the car starter turning over properly? Is there any diesel leaks around the pump? Try spraying a little WD40 into the intake and see if it starts or just chugs. Doing this is not good for the engine, so only do it while fault finding!!!

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