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2001 P38 HSE 4.6 Vogue - error codes and performance problems


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Hi all,

I have just purchased a 2001 P38 HSE 4.6 Vogue. Took it to a Land Rover "mechanic" and he looked it over (computer test, drove it around and checked the paint if original) and assured me that everything was running well and it was a good buy for the year etc. The Land Rover Service Centre wouldn't look over the car for me as it has LPG.

When I was driving home on LPG, I noticed that when I was pressing the gas a little bit for stable town driving, the car was shuddering.. when I accelerate more, then it feels normal. But over 90-100 km/hr the car is not easy to drive, shuddering and it doesn't feel very powerful. When I change it to petrol, the engine is shuddering a lot (especially noticeable when starting in the morning before switching to LPG). Also, it doesn't go over 60-70 km/hr very easily on petrol. On LPG the engine is quiet and semi-ok when the tank is full, after half-way it feels less powerful.

When I got home I read the codes that were given to me (which the mechanic said were normal when running LPG and I wished I paid attention to before buying - I think because they don't speak English, they don't pay attention to them).
- KOD001 = Lambda sensor upstream catalyst bank 1
- KOD002 = Rough road signal implausible
- KOD003 = Oxy sensor heater upstream cat bank 1
- KOD004 = Oxy sensor heater upstream cat bank 2
- KOD005 = Mixture adaption factor FRA bank 2
- KOD006 = Lambda sentor upstream catalyst bank 2
- KOD007 = Catalyst damaging misfire multiple cylinders
- KOD008 = Catalyst damaging misfire cycl 4
- KOD001 = Short circut fault in SRS warning lamp circut 1
- KOD002 = Short to GND in RH pretensioner circut
- KOD003 = Short circut fault in driver airbag circut

Also then saw a whole lot of errors on the dash (mechanic said was due to car not being used for awhile and probably battery):
- Airbag Fault
- Bonnet open
- Traction failure, slow 55km/hr
- Sunroof not set (drove home in torrential rain/snow and sunroof was leaking)
- Occasionally an ABS error comes up

I am not mechanically-minded but sick of people saying they know what they are fixing, pulling the whole thing apart, charging me lots and then not actually fixing it. Would like to go to the Service Centre with an idea so I don't get ripped off.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Welcome to the forum, Wow, there's certailnly a few bits to keep you busy there, a lot depends on the life the car has had/climate. If it's been wet and by the sea a lot or in the dry warm climate of the southern USA.

the traction failure could be a low/flat battery which may not re-appear once it has been used a bit/charged up.

The SRS pretensioner could be down to a faulty seatbelt pretensioner, the SRS system wont activate if faults are detected with the units/wiring. If someone has been sneaky they could have removed or shorted the lamp out so as not to throw any lights up.

This could be as simple as a loose corroded wire in that area or require more involved work, such as part swapping. With ABS/SRS it's important to not mess if you are unsure about the risks/dangers.

Bonnet open message can come up if the bonnet release catches are dry/not greased properly or it hasn't had a slam, maybe if the readings were done with bonnet open.

The sunroof could be stuck/broken, the not set message can be seen on the sunroof or windows if the battery has been disconnected, if you wind the offending window/roof all the way open in one long press holding the switch down for a couple more seconds there should be a beep, then close the window/roof up again in one long press and hold a couple more seconds till the message says window set.

The remaining messages point to a emmisions or sensor fault which could be a job for a specialist, unless you have a good local garage with the necessary tools



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Do you have any idea which LPG system is fitted?

It's too bad you don't have the actual fault codes (eg. P0174). From the sound of it I'd say the lambda sensor on bank 1 is broken. You can try disconnecting them and having the fuel trims reset, this'll put the engine management in a backup strategy, but should tell you if that is indeed the problem.

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