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I seem to have a faulty indicator/dip beam stalk. Been looking around online for a replacement. Seems that a genuine Land Rover part is over £130 while and aftermarket one is as little as £14.

Is this price discrepancy accurate and if so. Is the genuine part worth it?


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I'm not saying this is wrong but reading this is kinda funny?

Don't buy the cheap one as it MAY break, buy the expensive one that you Know WILL break?:)

Reality is original =better action and longer BEFORE breaking!


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Cheapest is best on these non essential parts for me.

Essential parts I would go oem.

The best bit of owning a defender is the range of prices for parts.

Cheap and cheerful to majorly over priced.

I think every one agrees that bearmach provide the best value for money generally.

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IIRC Lucas are OEM for this part £36ish off the Bay....

But if you go the cheap way it has it's up side, you can buy x9 cheap for the price of an Original!?! And it's no great fuss to replace once in a blue moon, that and it depends how rich you are, but you own a LR so you're not going to be rich for long lol

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