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Hi everyone.

Altenator just packed up on my year 2000 L-series Diesel. Saw loads of smoke, and smelt burning. Pulled over and lifted the bonnet to find the Altenator innerds glowing red hot. :unsure:

Obviously needing a new one now.

What did Land Rover fit as standard ? Surely they wouldn't make their own. I've looked at a few on line, there is a LUCAS one for about £120.00, and cheaper ones for about £100.

I've looked at RIMMER BROS. and their 'Genuine' one is £455.00, minus an £84.00 exchange. :o

Any makes to steer clear of ?

Thanks for any replies ................ Matt. :D

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Probably Lucas was original. Maybe Bosch or Denso.

Most if not all alternators are reconditioned sold on an exchange basis. Normally with a surchage that is returned when they receive the old one in a reconditionable condition.

Have a look here for the correct part number http://lrparts.ru/engl/

Left hand side look for image of FL and look under engine then engine type.


Cant post direct link as it isnt allowed on there

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Thanks for the reply Tanis8472.

I bought the Lucas one for £110 + VAT. Yes, you're spot on. It was an exchange, I've got to take the old one back. Although, I'm not sure if the Rimmer Bros. "Genuine" one for £455.00 was a recon. Surely for that price it'd be a new one ?

What a pain in the neck job. Never again ! Loads of stuff to get off before you can get to it. In the end I had to enlist the help of a mechanic mate. Apparently, with air con, the job is much worse.

However, I'm a happy boy now the Freelander is back up and running. It's now on it's 'final' warning. That's a clutch last month at £375 and now the altenator.


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