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2002 Td5 - Fuel leak -

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For the past few weeks I've noticed quite a strong smell of diesel when I've run the Disco for a while, particularly when it's parked in the garage after a run. The fuel pump (which I replaced a while ago) has been whining for a while. I noticed a few spots of leaking diesel under the car earlier todday and got under the investigate but couldn't see anything obvious. However, after poking about for a while I discovered that the foam soundproofing shroud over the gearbox is completely saturated with fuel to the extent that a slight squeeze produces a fairly sizable amount of diesel flowing down one's arm.

From the above, I presume that there has been a small but continuous leak from a fuel pipe somewhere over the gearbox. I wasn't aware that the fuel pipes were routed over the gearbox but I know from experience that those plastic pipes get brittle so a leak is not entirely unexpected. My question is whether this is a common problem and can anyone advise of the part number for the pipe/s that I need to replace and how accessible are these for replacement. Any other pearls of wisdom gratefully received!

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My suggestion would be to try the gasket and O ring kit .... I can't vouch for how effective they are, but at around £10 off eBay it's got to be worth a try.

Also when you take your existing one off it will serve to confirm wether yours has been the leak - though I'd say it's hugely likely.

Last thing is that the design changed part way through production - so there are two designs of regulators and gaskets.

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Mate......I would buy this and a new oring kit with the gasket, remove the regulator and work on the bench and refit it.


Thanks guys - I really appreciate your wisdom. Seems as though the overhaul kit is the way to go. Rangy95 - when you say get the new o-ring and gasket, do these come with the kit in your page link or do I need to order it separately from the same supplier?

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