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Immobilizer issues


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Hiya all I'm having issues with my 98 discovery 300 tdi immobilizer it doesn't have the black box behind stereo I found after buying the connector to bridge it ...

I don't have the chipped key and car was running fine before I found a couple of blown fuses and replaced them I now have immobilizer lights on dash , I found out on here about bridging terminals 10-11 in the green box in alarm modul and it now turns over but won't fire up .

My question is does anyone know how to bridge the fuel pump it's the 3 wire type " pictures would be useful if anyone has them "

Thanks in advance


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All sorted and hope this helps other it's a very easy fix " well I thought so "

The ecu on the back of the diesel pump has to be remove " smashed off " sorry no better way of putting it once removed there will be 3 wires that used to goto the ecu disgard 2 of those so your left with just the black then simply connect that to the black wire coming from stop solinoid ,

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You have an EDC equipped D1 which we didnt get in Aus, i still have a semi issue with mine in that the immobilizer is still preventing normal power to the inj pump so i have ben using a work around for the last 3 years, i might have to bite the bullet and buy a new alarm- My D1 is 01/98 build.

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