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Name that bush under the rear tub ?

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Ok numptie question

What is the name of the bush that is located under the floor in the centre of rear tub of the 90 which you can see when looking underneith from the rear ?

The MoT chap noticed it had perished but I have no idea what its called to sort it/ replace it ?

Your counsel is much appreciated

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Well no...err sort of......

The A frame Ball joint connects to the axle, the other end of the A frame goes to the chassis, but it is located in the centre under the tub floor !

Its could be these bushes ??


Quick pics sourced off the net somewhere

A Frame Ball Joint


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I did mine the other day and it is a bit of a fight. The thing I had to do was cut the ends off the two bolts as the rust was stoping the nuts coming off. Then fight the taper. (Chisel, hammers, bars, bits of plate). I cut the ears off the ball joint so I could smack the old one out. then put two longer bolts in as alignment to push the ball assembly back in. It's a constant fight like front radius arm bushes :)

I put a greaseable one on so a split boot wasn't a total disaster.

While in there I noticed the RH A frame arm was floppy. The bush is good, but it isn't being gripped by that cast bracket thing :(

So I've drilled it's bolt for an M6 grease nipple. I figure as off road only I should be okay as long as it does't wear more badlier.

Lucky I'm not in a hurry as it looks as though my Amazon nipples are coming from Hong Kong.........

And my final tip; I couldn't move my 28mm spanner, so I used my hand winch hooked around the outrigger. A bit precarious, but doesn't need huge muscles. Don't knock your teeth out though ;)

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