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Wiring a trailer straight into the loom..


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Hello all - just joined and my first post so sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere. I have just bought my first ever 4x4 and it's a FL!

(Was that a collective groan I just heard?)

I had a huge old ldv convoy that finally went to the scrapyard, and I thought I could still do my job (builder) with a FL and a trailer.

I bought and fitted the second hand trailer in no time, but the trailer cables are just cut - no plug.

I know what each of these do, and now I have opened up the back of the FL, I'm just a bit confused as to what cable corresponds.

I'm pretty sure that I've located the correct plug as it has been hacked about by a previous owner and has 7 cables.

I have taken 2 photos which hopefully I can post to give an idea of what I'm dealing with.

Any help - specifically with what each of the colours on the car itself does would be appreciated by many magnitudes. The 7 cables are:

Black only

Green / white






Here's hoping!

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If it's not too late I'd suggest looking on eBay for the genuine-parts trailer electrics, they just plug in on a small plug which is a lot nicer than hacking your loom around. They can be got for £25 if you shop around.

Also, no groans here, FL is a brilliant motor.

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Thanks so much for the help - sadly, it looks like I'm going to have plenty of time to sort these cables out this morning....on account of not going to work.....on account of finding a pool of clear, thin oil underneath the front of the FL this morning after not wanting to start....another thread already? Where's the valium?

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