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Clear oil leak after sluggish cold start


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Firstly, a big thankyou to nickwilliams and FridgeFreezer for helping so quickly with my last post.

I bought my first ever FL barely a week ago and apart from the nearside electric window giving up, she has started and driven fine.

This morning it was as if I had got into a different car. After waiting for the glow plug light to go out, I gave it a turn but she didn't cough. Tried this 3 times and on third time I kept my foot on pedal - she eventually started and seemed to tick over fine. I thought I'd give it 5 minutes to warm up before pulling away and just thought to check the front.

(Que horror soundtrack)....

Spotted a sizable (4-5" diameter) clear oil leak on road and dripping quite freely too. I've switched off and messaged a mechanic friend of mine....it is deffo not engine oil, but very thin and clear, as far as I can tell. It doesn't smell like hydralic oil to my nose....how much exactly, do I need to start worrying?

Cracking out the valium as I type.....

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What engine?

I'd be thinking along the lines of "air-leak on Diesel pipwework letting air in causing bubbles in injectors that make staring difficult, and/or leak allowing Diesel to escape causing the drippy puddle".

It could be a quick "replace leak-off pipes or a gasket somewhere" fix.

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Thanks Tanuki - resolved. Yes it was diesel! Why it didn't occur to me from the start, I can't say - but I am blaming tiredness. Yes, a diesel engine and I even recognised the smell enough to know it wasn't hydraulic. ...never mind.

I spent an hour working it was the IRD, then upon realising it was a fuel leak, spent the next hour thinking it was the o rings on the fuel pump.

Paranoia. My local mechanic took the cover off and we both clapped eyes on a small corroded rubber transfer pipe that was freely leaking fuel. He changed all 4 in 10 minutes and it cost me a drink.

I think the lesson is to lighten up a bit and not be afraid to have a poke about myself. Thanks again for your reply. Looks like there are some good people on this forum.

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Glad it turned out to be a simple and cheap fix. Even if it had been the o rings on the pump, it's a relatively simple job. Only takes 2 or 3 hours and the seal kit costs around £20. Pump holding tool would be another £30, but £50 and 3 hours to rebuild a diesel pump is fanatastic.

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