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Disco 1 brake upgrade


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I am running 37" wheel/tyre combination with modified axles from Nige on a 1997 Disco 1 V8, but feel that the braking system if below par. even after servicing all components.

I have read that the 110 or 130 front brake callipers have a larger piston diameter which would help however I am not sure if they are a straight swap and that I might have to upgrade the master cylinder.

My thoughts if possible would be to fit the new callipers to front and if poss. the 4 pot callipers to the rear

Any help here would be appreciated


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Ive done this to two of my discos now. they are both 1997 300's last one was a V8 present one is a TDI

They both have single line callipers and was a straight swap. I changed from solid to vented discs at the same time. Much better brakes and I didn't notice the peddle being any different.

If it matters, they both have ABS and it still works as it should.

If you wanted to put standard front callipers on the rear Red do an adaptor plate.




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