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Rear brakes & axle bearing/seal


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Hi all,

I'm just in the process of doing a lot of jobs at my 1983 SWB county. Does anyone know if you can buy the pipe that goes from the rear brake cylinder to the t-junction, a piece around 16 inches long or so? I've found one online but without an accurate description, i'm not sure if it's the correct piece. I've never really messed with brake pipe replacement so haven't the tools and want to try to avoid investing in them at the moment (spent about £300 on it this month already!). If it's the correct piece, its only about £4 with unions and already flared... Guidance would be appreciated

Secondly - my rear axle is chucking oil out from behind the UJ. Presumably there is a bearing and oil seal here. Again, does anyone know part numbers or an accurate way of asking for the correct part? I'm only an avid DIY'er and whilst i'm pretty competent, I don't always know the names of parts to ask for them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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As long as the oil leak is new, so the level hasn't dropped much and no water or muck has got in, then the bearing will probably be fine. Try shoving the prop shaft around with the wheels chocked and the hand brake off to see if there is any radial movement. You just need a Rover diff pinion seal. Buy genuine - pattern parts tend to fail quickly if they ever seal at all.

The brake pipes can have Imperial (UNF, I think) or metric fittings, depending on age and what previous owners have done, so you'll need to determine which you have, If older than 1980, they're likely to be Imperial.

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