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Noisy Aircon Pump

Dean Smith

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Morning guys.

My aircon pump has decided that its new sole purpose in life it to irritate me by squealing. When I rebuilt to top end of my V8 in mid 2013 I ran in to a problem when it came to reconnecting the aircon rad as some grease monkey in the past had cross threaded all the ally connectors, this didn't really bother me as i hardly used the aircon anyway so just left it all loosely connected with the intention of fixing it sometime never. Now it seems the pulley on the aircon pump is squealing like a banshee and ruining the lovely V8 sound.

As I've not missed the aircon i thought about removing the pump completely, that will mean a different Serpentine belt as the one I have would be too long. Also I think I might need a new tensioner but can't find an answer anywhere on line. Bit annoying as the current tensioner was new during the rebuild.

So does anyone know the parts that I will need? part numbers would help if possible.

Disco 1 Anniversary. 3.9 V8 Serpentine engine.



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Ive had several Compressors showing this fault on your Model, strangely, although the Sanden Compressor is a regular on other makes of cars too, yet its only on the Disco that it develops a noisy Shaft seal end bearing. The only option is to replace it (the Compressor that is) I would personally feel that if its got it....it should work!......the magnetic clutch on it isn't available as a separate item as far as I am aware. Good luck in your quest!

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Before you bin it check the gap at the electric clutch, it should be no more than .025" when it's free wheeling and un-energised - if its not remove the outer section of the electric clutch and replace the spacer shim washer with one that will give you .020-025" gap.

These shim washers are made from unobtainium so you will have to get one close to the required thickness and then lap it down - I did mine on a oil stone that I normally use for sharpening woodworking plane blades, it took about an hour to get it down to the required thickness. I made it easier for myself by Aralditing the washer to a small block of wood so it was easier to hold.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem, if not as Cooltemp said, its a new compressor :o

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Thank you for the replies guys but in the end decided that spending £300 on a new pump and a new rad and getting it all fitted and working for a system I hadn't used for years was a bit of a waste of money.

So I tracked down the correct length belt, the correct pulley and removed the pump. Now she purrs like a V8 should with no irritating squeal.

If anyone else want to do the same the parts I used were: ERR6439g Pulley, ERR4461 Belt.

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