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TD5 EGR Removal Question


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Hi Guys,

I have blanked the EGR yesterday and all seems fine, however on some tutorials i read that you should unplug the solenoid plugs (2 of them on the 15p and 1 on the 10p), the instructions that I followed, which where shipped with my kit only mentioned that you need to block off the vacuum pipes that where unplugged from the EGR.
Can anyone tell me what is recommended to do? Should i leave the electrical plugs in the solenoids or should i unplug them? if so… what is the difference/advantage of doing either way?

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It makes no difference as they are now redundant when you removed the EGR valve. personally I removed mine as they were no longer needed and I wanted the wing space. Also depending on the type of EGR kit that you brought, blanking the vacuum ports may be a part time solution as they can start to leak. I replaced my vacuum pipe so that this again wasn't an issue.


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