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removing half shaft from cv?


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Hi Guys,

I have got a broken half shaft (24 spline of an ex mod axle).

Could anyone give me an idea of how to remove the cv from the half shaft?

I do not see the cir clip. Do I just need to force the bearing off so I can remove the half shaft?

I am thankful for all tips I can get.

Many thanks,





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Hold the long bit of the shaft in your hand a good distance above the ground.

Use a suitable kinetic-energy-delivery-mechanism[1] to give the back of the CV a good hard whack. This will compress the snap-ring buried inside the CV joint and allow the driveshaft to pop out.

[1] My favoured one is called "Thor" and has both rawhide and copper faces. http://www.thorhammer.com/Hammers/Rawhide/

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I've always used a method that is less risky to the CV. Hold as previously mentioned but whack the up most end of the halfshaft with a big metal hammer. The energy transfers into the CV and it pops off. Will say though that it can be tricky with a broken shaft. But worth a try before you go crazy on the CV I reckon

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