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Tailgate repairs

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Evening all, so, my drop down tailgate on my 90 is ****ed, looks like it's been run over, anyways, I have straightened most of it out had some bits welded on it replaced the dented center rib. But I still need one more part, I will try and make it out of a piece of ally but would be nice if I could just buy the part. Anyone know if you can buy separate parts of the tailgate panels. Cheers. Dave.

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YRM sell the centre rib but say you have already repaired this?

The ribbed steel inner-liner is available separately.

Is it part of the alloy frame that you require? Never come across that as a repair section.

To be perfectly honest, decent tailgates aren't too expensive but it depends on how much time you are willing to put in to repair your existing one.

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Hi, the steel liner is fine and i have the center rib. Its just a panel at the bottom of the gate that was so damages that it split in half, i beat all the dents on the rest of the tailgate my self so its just this bit left, looks like i will have to make a new bit, id rater not buy a tailgate as this one was free with the truckcab. Cheers for your help.

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