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Anti roll bar set up

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Been searching and started thinking about fitting a arb to my land rover ht 90 to seek further stability on the motorway.

It hasn't got any of the brackets to accommodate an arb, either axle or chassis but I can purchase these from extreme 4x4.

The rear would need some fabrication work as the Dixon Bate angled tie rod and the exhaust would be in the path of the arb.

Just a thought But could i fit the front only, would this be legal/safe and beneficial ta h

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Increased roll-stiffness on the front promotes understeer. I.E. "Straight-on-into-shrubbery" on the twisty-bits.

Rather than messing about with ARBs, how old are your dampers?

And are they any good?

The biggest improvement I made to my 90TD5 for fast towing was to throw out the original 50,000-mile-old dampers and replace them with a set of gas-pressurised Bilsteins.

Not cheap, but worth every penny!

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