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Converting Disco r380 crossmember to Defender

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This may be of use to someone, Defender 300tdi R380 crossmembers seem to rot due to mud getting trapped between them and the chassis rails. Decent replacements are like hens teeth and fetch £60 or more second hand. The disco r380 crossmember can easily be modified to fit, I've done five or six now and once modified they are indistinguishable from the real thing, and they can be picked up for next to nothing.

Defender crossmember needing replacement!


Disco crossmember with larger mounting plates. Mark 157mm down from the top front corner of the plate, and 120mm across from the top rear corner and scribe a line between.


Cut along the line on both sides of the crossmember


The defender crossmember is deeper than the disco one, so we need to add to the bottom of the mounting plate. Chamfer the edges of the plate and the piece you have just removed to improve penetration, and butt weld the piece to the lower edge of the crossmember. Ensure it is butted flush as the welds then need to be ground down .


To be continued tommorow when I charge my phone to take the rest of the photos!

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