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Uber-numptie question: transfer box

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OK so the saga continues having had a new clutch fitted in the 300Tdi 90 - It seems as though the usual configuration of the transfer box is messed up. This is what I believe should be happening:-

On the transfer box to the right-hand side of the "H"
H = top right = High range which gives you your normal gears perferct for normal driving
L = bottom right = Low range is forward and to the right(straight forward from high range)

(And to the left of the "H" is the above but with the diff-lock engaged).

However it now seems that the H and L have been transposed - so I get normal drive and speeds whilst in "L" and changing to "H" engages the low ratios and assoicated low speeds.

Now clearly the garage are a bunch of numpties and should have checked all of this etc....... but is this a simple fix as I am reluctant to take it to them without knowing the "cure" !

Thanks again for your help -

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Btw. Do you know that it's not an h pattern. .. but a figure 8.... you don't have to go to neutral to engage the difflock. You can just slide it sideways

So it could be the linkages are not setup correctly to reflect the "8" ?

All they did was chnage the clutch and not do anything with the transfer box

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I have just been out in the truck to confirm I am not going mad and can report as follows

The transfer lever knob is definately on the right way !

All 6 postions on the '8' are selectable as normal

The diff light comes on when lever is pushed to left hand side and off to right hand side

Normal road speeds and gearing can only be achieved by placing lever into 'L' (i.e., top right hand side)

Moving into 'H' (i.e., bottom right hand side) engages low ratios and asdociated low speed and high revs

Before it went into the garage it was definately working correctly with 'H' used for road speeds

I am completely at a loss


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I agree 100 percent - sadly they used to be good and I trusted them. That ship has sailed.

IMO.... I would never take my vehicle back to a mechanic that has been shown to be incompetent. It is not worth the worry about what else they might damage. Chock it up to a lesson learned and find a mechanic that is known to be good.

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You also should be asking why the transfer box has been fiddled with to change the clutch. You don't need to go anywhere near it, it is far easier (and cheaper, time wise) to just lift the engine forwards.

Most mechanics pull the gearbox back. If you have a lift it is a bit faster.

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