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Adapting ARB locker to take 1/8 BSP 6mm air line connector


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I'm trying to work out how to make my ARB lockers take a 1/8 BSP connector so that I can use 6mm airline to them. I've not got the full bulkhead kit on either locker, which is part of the reason for wanting to convert them.

The bits I have fitted are the bulkhead fitting (1/4NPT to take a 3/16" copper pipe), and the compression fitting that goes into that which I am fairly certain is 3/8 UNF. I cannot find anywhere an adaptor that goes from 3/8 UNF male to 1/8 BSP female, or even female to female (which would make the fitting quite long).

I've started looking at maybe fitting an ashcroft bulkhead kit instead, unfortunately it's not a direct replacement. Their copper pipe is 4mm whereas the ARB one is 4.76mm, so I'd need to run a drill through the fittings and hope they sealed up afterwards.

Anybody got any ideas / done the same? I know Mr. Bump (Nige) was selling an adapter kit at one point but it doesn't seem to be for sale at the moment

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I posted a thread recently


After a bit of kerfuffle replacing my airlines it turns out the fitting on mine is 7/16-20 JIC, it's a common hydraulic fitting, took me ages to work out it's only as I have a lot of aeroquip hose ends lying around that I found it at all! and there wasn't much on google!

So there you go, if you want to convert I bought 2 x -4 female to 1/4 bsp adaptors on eBay for £8



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Hi Mike :) Yes I came across your thread quite early on in my search and meant to send you a PM the other day!

I'm not sure mine is the same thread though. From what I've read, JIC is exactly the same thread as UNF just with a 'pointy hydraulic style' end (not sure what the technical term is there!). 7/16 UNF is 11mm diameter on the male thread i think, whereas I've measured mine and it's not that big :/

So do you have the 1/4 NPT bulkhead fitting, then the compression nut, then an adaptor to BSP, then the airline fitting?

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