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Disco 2 V8 auto troubles


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Hi guys,

I am the proud owner of a lovely 4l v8 V reg Disco 2 with a broken Autobox (hubby had it as his ST is broken too)

He was pulling away from a passing place (we live in the Highlands) and the drive just went. there were no noises, bangs or clunks and the engine still runs perfectly. the gears are still registered in the display in the dash suggesting that the XYZ switch is ok. W also changed the gearbox ATF and filter on the off chance but still nothing. We took the inspection plate off and the TC is still spinning. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that the gearbox is gone.

Will a TD5 Autobox Fit it as we have the chance of a Scrapped TD5 Disco 2. I take it it will take some converting if it does?

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