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v8 4,0 thor engine tuning possibilities.


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IIRC you couldn't get stump puller types without the dizzy gear drive, so no good for the Thor.

Pretty sure Kent and Piper will sell any cam in long or short nose flavour. Piper definitely will.

Cheapest way to (claimed) 250hp is replace with a 4.6. Ultimately the Rover V8 is not a high-revving race engine so high BHP numbers are (relatively) harder to achieve, although plenty of race engines were built from them back in the day, even up to F1 I believe.

Does depend what you really want, 250hp is just a number, you can make an engine hit a HP number easily enough but the thing could be utterly useless & undriveable & your wallet will be bleeding.

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Hi folks.

Thnx for all the input, 4,0 is chosen as this give me a minimum weight off 1825kg dry, 4,6 would give 1937,5kg, the 4,0 is a faster reving engine as far as I can figure a 4,4 would also be quite well, being a square engine, but again it would mean a higher weight, what I am aiming for is a fast reving engine within the Rover range of engines.

The 250bhp is not sort of a target, more like a guideline at the end off the day it is the area under the powercurve ( if you get me right) that counts the more area, the stronger an engine, the faster acceleration, all the little gains one can have each time you accelerate from one speed up to another will reduce the elapse time, top speed is not so much needed in the kind off event I am planing to take part in, that is also why I have chosen the thor engine, it also being the choice in some off the Bowlers where 265bhp is claimed, but on another budget than I am on :-)

I would also like to stay below 6000 rpm as above that you move into unsafe areas where more money has to be shed out if you want to keep the reliability.

The cam Elbekko links to, the ARP studs and bolts, Idris, and the compression issue Bowie mentioned is all to be invesitgated in.

Keep the info and thought coming :-)


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erm, why is a 4.6 another 112.5Kg? They are the same block, and only barely weight 180Kg when dressed (lighty).

It is the total weight off the car, rules says so in certain countrys, when you are racing :-) nothing to do with the engine itself.

The cars are subject to the following scale of minimum
weights in relation to cylinder capacity and in accordance
with FIA Article 282-3.2:
Cylinder capacity in cm3 Weight in kg
4x4 4x2
up to 1400 1150 750
over 1400 and up to 1600 1150 860
over 1600 and up to 2000 1350 980
over 2000 and up to 2250 1500 1010
over 2250 and up to 2500 1600 1040
over 2500 and up to 2750 1637.5 1070
over 2750 and up to 3000 1675 1100
over 3000 and up to 3250 1712.5 1130
over 3250 and up to 3500 1750 1160
over 3500 and up to 3750 1787.5 1190
over 3750 and up to 4000 1825 1220
over 4000 and up to 4250 1862.5 1250
over 4250 and up to 4500 1900 1280
over 4500 and up to 4750 1937.5 1310
over 4750 and up to 5000 1975 1340
over 5000 and up to 5250 2012.5 1370
over 5250 2050 1400


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