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D2 W reg 130K miles chassis repairs part one


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finally got round to starting my rear chassis repair

I have cleaned it up and removed the transit anchor eye

PLanning on cutting it square today and welding up tomorrow

Whats the consensus on the welding approach,?

1 flush fit seem welded all around (a bit awkward up side down?)


2 generous patch over the outside of the hole?

or something else.

links to pictures of neat finised jobs would be nice


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6mm is a bit OTT. 2.5/3mm is more than sufficient. cutting out the rot and welding in new is much better option than plating over it. to weld 6mm your going to need some serious amps..

i know there pricey but you can buy new rear chassis legs but then you know its job done right. :i-m_so_happy:


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hi if it was me id get a rear chassis section and change the rot , i really did fancy a d2 but the chassis are shocking considering the chassis is the backbone of 2 tonne ,i would have a good look all around both sides if its ok well weld it up completly and fill it with old oil and waxoil good luck

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Hi there.

Square it all up and make both sides of the original seam the same.

Cut 1 piece to cover all, run a weld down the middle to match original seam.

Weld in flush even upside down.

Or just cut out the rot and weld a patch on over lapping.

6 mm gauge might be a bit heavy 3mm might be better.

Good luck.

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3mm is ample. I like to cut square then make a filler plate out of two bits of overlapped welded together to keep the original look, but if you just want it to pass the mot, lay some over the top snot round it and put plenty of Shultz over it and it's job done for a few months till it rots somewhere else.


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