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Rear Crossmember Bolt Woes.

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I think I've made a hopefully not insurmountable mistake.

On my '09 110 CSW I have removed the rear ladder which was peeling and corroded. In the process I have snapped one of the outer crossmember bolts which holds the base of the ladder in the near side. One of the pair came out with no problem although looking at the head of the bolt and the state of the torx I'd say it's been out before. The other however made it out a couple of turns before shearing off. Now I'd get underneath and check it out myself but I'm stuffed waiting for surgery with a slipped disc and wasn't anticipating this 'malfunction' (supposed to be an easy job to get me out of the house).

My question is what holds the bolt? Is it a simple nut, a captive or a threaded bracket? I think my old one was a nut and bolt. It's all inside the bodywork rather than an external bracket. If it's a captive or threaded I will leave it and drill it out when I'm up to health. Or if it's an easy fix I'll get one of the lads at work to do it. When I do get it out is it best to go for a genuine bolt with a dose of copper slip or is there another recommended fastener? I have not yet seen many Puma Defender threads where things have gone rotten.

I think I'll get the ladder and front light guards powder coated while they are off.



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It's a captive nut in an L section bar that runs the width of the crossmember just the other side of the bodywork. You'll be able to see it from the wheel arch side when you're flexible again.

You can see the bar in this image below the bolts below the rear door. The bar ends at the outer bolts where you can see daylight.


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Super, it's the inner one on the left near the reflector. Do you know how the nut is attached to the L section? Is it possible to release it so the whole thing can be punched through and a nut and bolt used to replace it?

Many thanks for the reply.


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