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Series centre seat frame


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I have an ex-MOD 1990 110 V8

As I understand it the MOD land rovers have late style series seats fitted.

I have two seats fitted in the cab but want to fit the middle seat.

I can find the seat backs and bases:


But not the frame that the middle seat fits on.

Does anyone know the part number for the middle seat frame?

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If you mean that the outer cushions sit in a square frame - this is part of the adjustable seat mechanism - and the centre seat simply has the same runners or brackets as are used on those vehicles having non - adjustable seats.

Ok - this might be the information I am missing. I was looking for a frame like on the outer seats that fits the centre seat.

So the centre seat just has two non adjustable runners? Has someone got a link or part number?

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Who knows what a google can turn up if asked to find a S3 parts book.

Thanks for the hint :-)

The most appropriate image is attached.

Once you see the prices you will realise you are now into the second-hand market.

The detail design has changed over the years, so buy a matched pair, not two odd ones.

Keeping that caveat in mind, you may find Series 2 / 2A parts fit. I suggest you measure the spacing of any existing holes in your seat box before you make a choice.



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