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Windscreen fitting

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I plan to fir a new winscreen to my 200 Tdi 90. I have fitted windscreens in my youth (many years ago :() but never fitted one to a Defender.

I have readup on the subject and the basic idea of running a cord inside the seal and pulling it into position seems still to be the way to go. However in everything I read there is no clue as to the best place to start.

Should I start centre bottom, work to both sides then up and back to centre top. Or is it better to start on one side and work accross to the other side.

Which way have others done this. Any suggestions/advice welcome.

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Start on the both shorter sides, i.e. the A posts, and overlap the cord. If the bottom/dash side looks hard to get to, you can push this on first. If there is a sealing strip on the outside of the rubber, this should be removed before trying to fit.

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Used the cord method seen in one on the Haynes restoration manuals worked a treat may have used fairy liquid too to aide in slipping it in. Worked a treat really easy to do was well impressed with the single handed job just take your time and don't force anything

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