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pickup to station wagon parts cost

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I'm toying with the idea of converting my 110 pickup to a station wagon. I have had it for years and all the important bits are in very good condition so rather than selling and buying a station wagon I'm pondering if converting what I have might be an idea. (I'd also like a project!)

I will need

* roof & headlining

* rear door

* tub

* rear sides

* b pillars

* c pillars

* 2nd row floor

* 2nd row doors

* seats & seat belts

I'm probably missing a few brackets in the above but that's the bulk of panels I need anyway. Without much insight I'm looking at ebay for prices but I don't know. If approaching a breakers, what would be reasonable to expect to pay for the above. Looking for bits in good condition, not worth doing this kind of job including paint with knackered doors.

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First up - I'm more o-fay with Series 3 than 90/110.

With a Series 109 there are slight differences in the chassis, theres a couple of extra brackets to support a brace for the front of the tub. On the 110, this is a bolt on rail P/N nrc4171 which I don't believe is on a standard 110. I'm not 100% but I think there's also a second set of brackets mounted on top of an outrigger which again, standard form doesn't have. Woth checking up on.

Theres a kick panel on the back of the seatbox that fills in the space where the tub would normally sit, add this to your second row floor.

There are some seatbelt reinforcing mounting bracket dobberies that go up the outside of the slope on the front of the SW tub.

The B and C posts are one piece with the cills, and not cheap to get hold of. I believe they are identical to Series 3 versions. YRM supply all the bits to repair them which could be used to make new, with the really annoying exception of the top part of the B post. If that was avaliable I'd be making new ones!!

You could keep your tailgate and fit a catflap to be different?! I'm not sure if a 110 roof has the brackets, but they could easily be made.

How much you spend is dependant on many choices. I'm currently pondering whether to by and all steel all galv back door with a heater glass from SP4x4, but it's about 3 times the price of their budget standard door with normal glass and a frame that'll rot out in 15 years or so. That's looking at £300 by the time it's delivered.

You can use 88 hardside for a 110. Seems to be quite a few with windows around, not many without. In some ways I like my 109 without the windows, in other ways, I'll be interested to see what my project 109 is like which will be having windows.

Depending on your spending choices, you're probably looking at between £500 and £1k

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A lot of money if you're buying the parts individually, for some reason B posts are quite rare and ones you find are mega bucks... Probably better off buying stored CSW and refurbing the rear tub and other parts. I've got a 110csw that's "scrap" rear tub needs a new floor and b/c posts need fair bit of rebuilding, roofs good though, plus most of interior, where are you located? ;)

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I'm in Ireland. Stations wagons are rare over here so I will most likely have to travel over to the UK no matter what. Ideally I was hoping to go over a weekend or so and load the trailer with bits.

I'd probably price bits first which need minimal amount of work done. If that doesn't work out I'll consider something which needs more work.

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Dealers seem to be charging about £100 a side for B and C post's that need work with the welder, and they seem to be the only type available. As I said, luckily you can buy all the new bits from YRM except for the top part of the B post...I'm still hoping they'll do that too one day.

I forgot about the second row doors. I paid £110 for the pair of mine, bare, brand new on an ebay auction. I'm guessing you'll want later defender doors so yes, probably chuck another £500 on. SP4x4 are making the split type now, bottom only available at the moment but it seems like they're working on the tops.

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From memory I think the left one is good down to the lower door hinge. The right one has surface rust just above the body barrel line.

They both are fitted with deadlocks about 2" below the door striker but are basically just a couple of round holes to Mig up.

I will take a proper look tommorow for you.

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As above

You need a body cross member, the front tub support mounts, side frames (s3 ones fit and are available new but approx £180 a side) britcar sell the genuine rear seat belt mount kit but it's expensive for what it is!

I converted my HT to a SW and it is all nuts and bolts but reassuringly expensive!


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