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Highly Modified 90 from Greece ?

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Got bored of watching the steering wheel!

Loved the inerior, actually liked the lights but hated the wheel arches and bumpers. The paint I liked but the wheels were far to big for the wheel wells.

Even if I won the lottery I doubt I'd buy one but good quality. Then again I'm not into 4x4s as road cars any way!

Thanks for posting though.


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amazing work, but its still the same ethos thats plagued LR owners for decades….adding more and more bits instead of starting at the structure. For example.

Instead of adding wider guards, how about a wider bulkhead, roof, bonet etc .

Instead of adding crappy wheel spacers, how about wider housings and back to wider bearings spacings etc

How about longer doors so normal size people can fit comfortably

stretch to 100wb to make in proportion with longer doors and wider vehicle.

thats more along the lines of how I dream

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