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TD6 Viscous fan removal....HELP!


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As above. I need to get it off to replace the idlers as they are squeaking badly

I have a 32mm water pump spanner on the thin nut on the pump itself and an extra long 32mm normal spanner on the fan nut. I have tried shocking the spanner by hitting with a rubber mallet but it wont budge. I know it s left hand thread

Not sure what to try from here. Would the engine being warm help?

Never had one quite this reluctant before!

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I thought that was a really good idea and my problem would be solved. Unfortunately not.

I have tried hitting it the other way to tighten first and then belt the spanner with a lump hammer the correct way again but still no luck

In desperation tonight I cut the end off my long 32mm spanner and the other end off my water pump spanner. I then bolted a 3 ft length of bar to the water pump spanner and slid some tube over the normal spanner.All this resulted in was starting to round the nut off that the water pump spanner goes on to

Any other ideas please? Beginning to think I will have to strip the whole front of the car and cut the fan off and then replace it and the water pump :blink:

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