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Kids in Defenders

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I am new here and also new to Land Rovers.

I am looking at buying a Land Rover Defender with bench seats and lap belts in the back. The problem is that I have 2 children who will occasionally ride in the back seats as there are only 2 front seats.

What are my options? Can I fit a 3rd front seat or make changes to the back seats to make them safer? Which is my cheaper option as I will be spending enough on the Land Rover as it is!

Thanks in Advance

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The child seat thing is a bit of a problem...

Side facing seats aren't great - but fitting new seats brings up the issues of innsurance and them being safe and well fitted.

The easier option is to buy a 110 ....... All of that said I bought a forward facing seat to go in the rear. The best ones are expensive though.

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Thanks for the replies.

My children do not need car seats they are 8 and 11 so that is not an issue. My main concern is safety.

It won't be the main car, I have something sensible for the boring stuff. This is for fun!

I just wondered if anyone had had forward facing seats fitted and what the cost might be. I have found my perfect Defender but only has the side bench seats.

Is it possible to fit a middle seat in the front?

Thanks again

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I fitted an Exmoor Trim Lock and Fold seat in the back of my 110. It's great - seat base folds up and the whole unit rotates to face sideways/forwards, so it can be inwards-facing for having buns and fun and then spun to face forwards for driving. When not being used it can be folded up and round out of the way leaving the whole rear area clear (more or less). It has a proper seatbelt and complies with all the EU regs for child carrying (with appropriate infant/child safety seat). Expensive but can be resold after you've finished with them.

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If funds allow you could buy a post 2007 Defender with factory fitted forward facing seats in the rear from new.

Front middle seats were fitted for years but TBH they are not ideal as carrying three up front as it makes the cab even more cramped ...and using the handbrake and gear levers something of an intimate experience.

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