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Oh Good, A New Noise

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So just as I treated myself to a cubby box and a full seat retrim and a raptor dash (It was my Birthday!) I get a new noise from my defender. Its a 1987 CSW with the original LT77 gearbox with a 300TDI from a Discovery.

So today on my way to work going down the motorway crusing at a happy 55/60 I get this grating noise I guess is how to descibe it. The speedo which usually has choppy movements (never sits in one place) started to move fluidly between 50-70. I keep going for a while looking for anything obvious but nothing. I push the break and the speed change didnt seem todo much to the noise when I pressed the clutch nothing happened, however I held it in for maybe 5 seconds and then the noise stopped. I pulled over once I was off the motorway and looked for anything obvious but there was nothing.

Im guessing its cluth/gearbox/transfer box related? I did try to recreate the noise on the rest of my journey to work but I couldnt. I wasnt able to get upto the same speeds maybe only 40/45 but all sounded fine and the car seems to work like it always has.

Any ideas or should I just hope it doesnt happen again and maybe turn the radio up more?



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