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td5 hard starting and miss fire

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hi ive bought a td5 90 and ive had problem with it its sometimes really hard to start and when it does start seems to be misfiring and lumpy when you touch the gas it ticks over ok

ive replaced a lot ov parts fuel pump in tank done injector seals, pressure, regulator, injector harness ,crank , sensor, fuel filter housing and is still the same can some one help please ive spent a fortune

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yes had a new fpr from lr and it was ok just this mimute started it with a bump ticking over and reving fine when left it last knight it was missing like hell ill see if it misses when warm ,me thinking it could be head gasket

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yes run for 5 mins reved smooth ticks over lovely any longer and it starts to miss so ive done a sniff test and it seems ok on head gasket ive ordered a starter motor because of the winding break down and interference with crank sensor clutching a straws here a think. id have my 200 back tomorrow

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