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Discivery 2 SLS disaster! Please help


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Hi all, let weekend I was up in the mountains with my 2001 td5, noticed a bumpy ride, so pulled over and noticed the rear suspension was on the bump stops (both sides).

Checked fusible link & relay, both fine. Called my recovery service who came, tested the compressor and told me it's getting power but not running.

Had the car recovered home, ordered a new compressor and fitted that today. Tested the old compressor, it's fine. Checked if power was getting to the unit & it is not.

Manually overriden the relay and the compressor fires up (suggesting a Slabs error?) but although the compressor is running, the suspension will not pump up to road height. Air is getting to the airbags to fill enough air to 'shape' them with the back end jacked up, but once I lower the jack, it's sat on the bump stops....

Removed the driver side sensor, it looks nackered so I will order 2 new sensors, but that doesn't explain why both sides dropped and with the ECU over riden, the bags won't inflte...

My next plan is to order 2 new height sensors and a Nanocom incase IT has somehow put itself into transport mode (is that possible?)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the bags won't inflate with the Slabs ECU overriden (bridging the relay).

Thanks in advance!


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I'm no expert in SLABS (never worked on it at all), but things to check maybe....

The compressor runs but are you sure it's actually developing pressure as it may be developing low pressure but the seals / rings are knackered on the compressor and it's just not developing significant pressure. Suggest trying to find out what's in the tank after the compressor has been running a while maybe.

Remember I don't know SLABS at all but it may be that SLABS has enabled the compressor for a while, and not noticed and air pressure increase (or at least it was not reaching it's target pressure in a timely fashion) so then it put it's self in a fault mode and locked the compressor out. From memory, I think the P38 & RRC air suspension controller had the capacity to do this.

(although maybe another issue is the height sensor.... but check the compressor and that it's actually delivering and holding pressure first ... you could obtain a few fittings and connect on a standard air compressor line to something like the drain plug on the receiver and see if it will hold pressure).

The height sensor although it may be knackered or appear knackered may be part of the overall problem is unlikely to be the main problem which sounds like:

a) compressor not delivering sufficient pressure in a timely fashion

b) SLABS in locked out fault mode (may need dongle [rovercom??] to reset / service laptop) (try and independent garage or appeal for a fellow LR4x4 forum member in your neck of the woods to see if they can assist, hence useful to list your locality in your forum name / settings too).


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Cor Whealer Dealers might be useful after all!

They had a RR I think which had similar problem, compressor locked out as above due to piston failure in pump not delivering pressure.

Simple seal but no spares available seperately.


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I'm in the exact some position. Greenlaning yesterday and when I got home noticed the arse sitting on the ground. Pressed the lift button and could hear the electric motor running but couldn't hear the thumping noise of the compressor. Going to order a rebuild kit for compressor I think.

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