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Lowering 300tdi coolant tank to clear bonnet?

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The coolant tank cap on my older standard 300tdi 90 just touches the underside reinforcing of the replacement td5 bonnet and prevents it from sitting squarely when closed.

Rather than cutting away the bonnet reinforcement, If I made some brackets and lowered the coolant tank 10mm then it would clear the bonnet - is there any downsides to doing this? I think the coolant tank sits lower than the actual coolant level of a 300tdi anyway.

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Hmmm Steve. I would rather see the header tank higher up than Land Rover fitted.

Not everybody follows the correct fill proceedure.

The biggest problem with the 300Tdi is the height of the water pump. Should the header tank run dry. No coolant at the water pump.

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I totally agree about the waterpump position on the 300 , bloody stupid design for something that could be

seen as industrial/agri with the many roles a land rover could be in .

Is the fill procedure in the tech archive in it's own right ? I've described it a few times now within various threads.

@ eightpot - the level in the header tank allows for fluid expansion under heat so I'd leave it where it should be and just lower the

tank to suit



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whilst its not the best design idea (and I mounted mine a bit higher) maybe 10mm isnt too much to worry about, after all the difference in camber of the road is probably more than that.

I'd be more worried about occasional contact of the bonnet to the tank and potential crack / damage / leak / bang....

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As above, moving it sideways will clear the bonnet, I made some spacers (about 20mm IIRC) from some tube to go between the wing top and the expansion bottle for the two top mounting bolts. That way you maintain the original height.

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I recently had this problem on my 300TDi when I fitted a Puma bonnet.

I was using an Allisport alloy header-tank and noticed that the internal structure of the Puma bonnet was much greater (especially around the edge) and there was no-way the bonnet was going to fit with the tank in the normal position. I was not happy with the idea of lowering the tank so I bought some SS long nuts (all my fixings are SS) and along with an extended support bracket, I moved the header-tank in by something like 25mm which means it neatly cleared the underside of the bonnet.

For a completely unrelated purpose, earlier today I removed the Allisport header-tank and re-fitted the OE one which sits in the same place.

At first glance you wouldn't know that the tank has been moved.

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