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+5" shocks road and towing


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Hi folks,

Have fitted 35" tyres to my truck so have to raise it. I was going to fit the pro comp +5" shocks with a 2" spring lift. I see pro comp say the shocks aren't for road use or towing. Anyone else have these fitting and use on the road/tow. This isn't my daily so don't mind what it's like on the road

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I have standard springs on, I use gwyn Lewis rear mounts and made my own front turrets to run the shock outside the springs.

In simple terms of you do not move your bumpstops then the turrets and rear mounts must be higher by the same amount the new shock is longer than standard shocks.

If your new shocks are 2" longer your mounts need to be 2" higher unless you lower the bump stops by 2" then you would be able to use standard mounts.

If you want decent travel that's not going to affect other things too much buy the gwyn Lewis kit.


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I have 35" tyres fitted and don't need a 2" lift

I have 15.5" travel procomp dampers front and rear, which is + 9" I think. They're fine on the road, I haven't towed a trailer but I have towed a mates 90

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Most aftermarket things say "not for road use", AKA it's your problem if you have an accident. ProComp are cheap & cheerful.

As Lewis says, you don't need lots of lift to fit 35's, and 5" of lift is enough to create a fair few issues with driveline angles, caster correction, stability etc. that can be avoided by no or minimal lift.

Also, all that lift puts the towball a fair way up which doesn't help.

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