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brownchurch roofrack ladder

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Refitting a brownhurch roof rack after a number of years (10), the rack fits fine but the rear ladder, when lined up with the rack mounting points, doesn't line up with an holes on the rearcross memeber / panels.

I would have thought it was secured by the rear cross member / bolt bolts. But requires the reversing light to be moved upwards by 10mm. As it was orginally fitted this seems odd. have i lost a lower bracket which goes between the ladder and rear cross member?

Also there are 4 bolts on the securing plate, i presume i use 2?

Can someone post me a picture of a ladder fitted.




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Are you sure that is the right ladder. My ladder is box section and does indeed marry up as you describe. More interestingly brown church ladders are an mot fail as they obscure the number plate. There is a replacement ladder which yours maybe which has a window for the number plate.

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That is not like any Brownchurch ladder I have seen- they are made of the same box section as the rack.

While the ladder might technically be in breach of C&U regs, they are not an MoT fail as they are not part of the test. My vehicle was closely scrutinised by traffic police because they thought were concerned about its age versus condition. They were quite unconcerned about the ladder.

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tester manual Reason for Rejection 6.3

d. faded, dirty, delaminated, deteriorated or obscured, (for example by a towbar) so that it is likely to be misread or is not easily legible by a person standing approximately 20 metres to the front/rear of the vehicle

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I stand corrected. No tester has ever mentioned it to me in 20 years of having that ladder, nor the few traffic police who have had a look at the car (the pull I mentioned and a couple of enthusiasts).

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