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S3 2.25P fuel pump


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Does the S3 petrol have a non return valve in the fuel line? I'm having trouble starting, spent hours pumping the priming lever yesterday and managed to finally get a dribble of fuel up to the carb, it's a brand new pump with a good suction if you put a finger over the inlet, I checked for leaks and it all looks good,

Anyway I went back to it today and it was bone dry again, surely it shouldn't have all leaked back to the tank?

Any ideas? I'm going to take the inlet off again and blow the fuel line out with the compressor but there was plenty of clean fuel in the sedimenter bowl


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When I bought my first series, I couldn't get it to deliver fuel for love nor money. However, I could prime up the pump with the lever just fine. I eventually sorted it, but first I pulled the pump off and double checked it was sitting on the cam follower bit which drives the pump.

Then I dribbled petrol straight down the throat of the carb with the filter elbow removed and turned the engine over. It fired up straight away, and then kept running! I guess by "forcing" it to start with the tiny amount of fuel, I must have made the pump suck enough to drag the fuel up and just keep flowing. Might be worth a try!

Otherwise I would suggest that gunk has blocked the fuel lines inbetween the tank and the pump.

Hope that helps.


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So by using the new pump body with the old top and new diaphragm, the old glass bowl with a new seal and a new pipe to join tank to line and....

It fired up first go and I took it for a very short drive for the first time in 5 years!

Thanks for all your help


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