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80" Series 1 - Parts advise and suppliers


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Hi all

My Dad is rebuilding an old '52 80" and is doing pretty well. He has just got onto the front axles and we need some advice. The original swivels have a cone and spring affair and there are conversion kits available to change it to a railco bush setup. Is this just a case of getting the pin and bush for a Series 3 or is there a little more to it than that? Also, how easy is it to properly set it up? The axle has the tractor joint setup but I presume that it will still need shimming up.

Anyway, we have seen S**tPart parts all over the place but due to the general feeling of their stuff I would be reluctant to buy their brand. I've got a couple of places that I get parts from but does anyone have any others they can recommend? We need new swivels and other bits similar. Dunsfold don't have any swivels due to quality issues with the last lot they got.

On a separate note I have attached some pics. Not very exciting but I thought you might like to see. The chassis has been shot blasted and painted, the bulkhead was in a very sorry state but has been rebuilt. The engine is being re-sleaved and having new pistons fitted. Gearbox seems OK and once the front axle has been rebuilt and the front springs arrive it will be a rolling chassis. The plan is to keep as much of the body panels as original as possible keeping the original look. The newly painted bulkhead will stick out like a sore thumb but what can you do about that!






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Looking good! Dingocroft (High Wycombe) used to be helpful for Series 1 bits, but I haven't used them for years. Also John Craddock.

Nice project - I've got the early Series 1 axle with Tracta Joints in the front of my 88". We converted mine to Railko bush, but I honsetly can't remember what was involved.


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The swivels are similar to a S3 setup but not quite the same. Your 80in has the steering arms on top of the swivels as did the S1 and the S2. S2a's and S3's have them on the bottim so if you want railco bushes you have to fit the pin to the top arm.

The later swivels have bigger studs. Note that some of the studs used on your vehicle are different. They have an oversize middle section and are essential to get a good fix for the arms.

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Looking really good indeed, whenever I see pictures of a 80" it reminds how much I love mine, having been dreaming of one for all my childhood, finally getting one was better than anything else you can do with your pants on! If it is indeed a '52 (like mine) the tracta joints are not original fit are they? Mine didn't have it and AFAIK they where supposed to be used with the early ones with Permanent 4x4?

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