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Question re linkage on Bosch VE pump, 300tdi


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I have been searching for this info for some time. 300tdi in 96 5 sp. Disco. There is a linkage on the VE pump that I cannot figure out though I suspect it might be to do with cold start timing. This linkage is a lever on the pump side closest to engine. It comes up from the bottom of the pump to above the top cover of the pump where its connected to a pin on the throttle arm via a rod with springs. When the throttle arm is moved, the rod with springs move this lever. I have seen pics of other 300tdi engines without this linkage at all. Part of mine is lost and I would be happy to replace it and adjust it correctly but cant find any info. Any body know what its for? What it does etc? How is it adjusted etc?

I have a fair amount of whitish grey smoke on cold start-up and overrun for a few minutes and I am suspecting that my pump timing is a little retarded but I'm reluctant to adjust it while this linkage is perhaps off. Disco runs fine otherwise.

Thanks for any help.

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Its a damper assembly that you dont need. No Bosch VE pump fitted to a Land Rover TDI has any kind of cold start gubbins on it. The puff of smoke comes from the start spring on the governor and once the engine is running has no input on the engines running unless you try to stall it.

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Damper Eh.....Thanks for that insight :-)

I have since found another reference to the lever etc, with a pic.


Unfortunately there were no real clues in this article. Should I just leave the lever loose ? Does if affect the injection timing in any way (dampen it perhaps) as the lever seems to turn something in the timing area of the pump ? The Bosch people must have had some reason to put it there ????


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Hmm........Thanks for the comment, However I'm not sure about that. The lever has arms which limit its movement in both directions against stops with adjustment screws which I have never touched. In its loose position it basically rests in the position which limits it in the direction of applied throttle. This is where I leave it. However if I push it while running, in the opposite direction, it will slow the engine down and shut it off even though the main throttle lever remains untouched and unmoved. This at least signifies to me that something inside the pump at the bottom is moved when that lever is operated though what remains a mystery. I would have to remove the pump and dismantle it to learn any more, hence my question on the forum. Seems like its not commonly understood even though its fitted to many 300tdi's.

The Disco seems to run fine other than smoking a lot when cold and sort of 4 stroking, making me think its a bit retarded. When the weather warms up I will check the injection timing and maybe advance it a little to see if I can get rid of the smoking which is a bit humiliating.

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