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Discovery 1 help with indicator wiring


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Hi everyone.

I am working on my neighbours Discovery (1994, Discovery 1, 3.9 petrol, automatic, RHD), and am having issues. I have spent a good few hours on google and looking through the various manuals online (and a Haynes manual) with no success.

The problem at the moment is that the left side indicator (in the front 1/4 panel behind the front wheel) has become disconnected (and was pulled all the way out of the guard). I have re-run the wire back through the guard, and into the engine bay, but cannot see where it's meant to be attached back into the loom.

Can somebody please post a picture or explain where the 2 wires go once back in the engine bay?

I haven't been able to remove the washer fluid bottle which is obscuring my view quite significantly but I only have about a 5cm length of cable coming out of the guard into the engine bay so the loom it attaches in to can't be too far hidden. Also there is no plug on the end of the wires I have re-run, just the 2 cables.

I did find a 2 wire plug, but couldn't get a voltage reading out of it with the indicator on so didn't want to hook it up in case it was the wrong thing.

Thanks in advance, hopefully that makes sense.

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